Sales Skills Essentials


These are the definitive courses to put you on your way to sales mastery so you can achieve your sales career goals.  This is progression sales training at its best, as it has you working with the best sales experts in the country in a mentor-coach relationship. In this inspiring, multi-day training, you’ll learn the systematic steps to effective, scientific and methodical sales closing. The courses deliver measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient sales leaders. You will be coached so you learn and practice the secrets of high performance sales professionals, develop exceptional sales skills and attitude, and sharpen your understanding of your customers so you can produce more sales for yourself and your organization than ever before. The courses include:

Sales Leadership Essentials

Sales Relationship Building Skills

Negotiation Skills

Key Account Management

Coaching High-Performance Sales Teams



$960 per person, per day of training

Sales Course Options

Sales Leadership Essentials

Sales Leadership Essentials module is designed to transform sales professionals into sales leaders, equipping participants with proven tools and methodologies for maximizing the potential of their sales. Participants will be able to:

  • Discover important  leadership foundations
  • Understand self-leadership
  • Learn motivation theories
  • Identify their key strategic thinking styles and develop them creatively and effectively
  • Learn about how emotional intelligence impacts leadership skills

Sales Relationship-Building Skills

This course has been designed to provide sales, business development and marketing professionals with a structured process for selling products and services to business customers. Participants will learn effective relationship selling skills using a toolbox of templates to enable greater profitable sales success. Participants will be able to:

  • Apply an effective sales process and sales plan
  • Identify your target customers, businesses and individuals
  • Plan and lead purposeful meetings with customers using effective communication skills
  • Present compelling, high value solutions
  • Effectively manage buyer resistance
  • Achieve closure and ensure high satisfaction
  • Develop the ongoing relationship
  • Learn key prospecting, qualifying and closing techniques

Negotiation Skills: Influence & Persuasion

This module teaches participants how to sell more effectively by learning to negotiate with greater confidence, improved efficiency and superior skills in a sales environment. Participants will learn:

  • The elements of persuasive power
  • The impact and detection of decision makers and cross-cultural negotiation success
  • The components of effective, value-creating negotiation
  • How to deal with difficult people

Key Account Management

Key Account Management course teaches the key skills to build, manage and sustainable trust-based relationships where both parties fully understand each other. Participants will learn:

  • How to sell on a sustained basis
  • Strategic account planning
  • How to become skilled at developing highly trusted relationships
  • To develop a willingness to work collaboratively with their customers to help them achieve their goals and aspirations
  • To have effective communication, planning and reviewing processes
  • How to plan for and implement strong customer interactions

Coaching High-Performance Sales Teams

This course will teach leaders to utilize coaching strategies so they can effectively build highly performing sales teams. Participants will:

  • Learn group theory
  • Learn coaching theory
  • Learn team building fundamentals and tactics
  • Learn how team engagement impacts staff productivity, sales success, innovation, retention and motivation
  • Understand the importance in measuring team results in terms of speed, quality, innovation, selling, and production
  • Understand how to plan and manage team and sales meetings
  • Gain new behaviours and skills in engaging people and building departmental groups into high performance teams

Learning Objectives

  • Discover How Thinking Affects Sales Results
  • Learn the Optimum Answers to Top Customer Questions
  • Learn How to Establish Credibility as an Expert in Your Field
  • Discover How to Increase Access and Influence in Existing Customers
  • Learn How to Overcome Objections
  • Identify and Learn The Keys to Building Strong Relationships
  • Study the Definitive Sales Close Process

The courses are instructed by one of Canada’s best sales training experts who will take the time to work with you to apply the learning directly into your business to help you achieve your best results ever. The course uses our Retention Training Model that first instructs you in key sales skills, then with your coach you work together in between modules in a layered progression so you practically apply the concepts. 

Bonus Package: Multi-media presentation, video-assisted training complete with workbook, exercises and audio reinforcement, personal one on one coaching, certificate of completion.

Values and Outcomes

This is amazing professional development training where you will develop key insight into the sales and develop your sales skills:

  • Self-knowledge: You will gain insight into your personal values and sales skills, assess your sales strengths and weaknesses, and produce a sales plan and sales strategy for your organization or business.
  • Your Own Sales Coach: This course is about you become a Sales Master and you’ll have one of Canada’s best coaches to guide you, teach you and help you be accountable to your sales dreams and goals.
  • Long Term Benefit: The sales skills you will learn are with you over the long term. You’ll be able to take these skills with you as your career develops.
  • Teaching others: The course is designed to for you to be able to take the knowledge and share it with others in your organization or life. You will find you will be better able to teach and inspire others towards top sales performance
  • Sales leadership: Because this course is taught as in a sales progression you will find yourself not only grasping key sales concepts but they will stick to you and become part of your business self.
  • Your Confidence Will Soar: Understanding and producing sales excellence is the focus of this course and you’ll feel your confidence build and soar as you become a Sales Master.

After you complete these courses and are feeling confident with your sales skills, another great way to advance your training would be with our Advanced Negotiations Program; you’ll be closing in no time!