Negotiations Advantage


This highly practical 3-day program is designed to provide participants with a practical application for both the common and complex negotiations carried out in the workplace on a regular basis. Participants will learn skills so they can prepare for and conduct negotiations in the workplace. The course is interactive and builds important skills using this framework. Participants will study and understand the negotiation process.

Huge Sales Improvement

Our sales results improved immediately. The first month my sales force performed at 165% of quota.

Gina Burns, Sales Manager, AT&T

Course Outcomes

  • Learn the negotiation process
  • Learn negotiation styles
  • Learn negotiation strategies
  • Improve skills in negotiation
  • Improve skills in joint problem solving
  • Improve skills in decision making.
  • Be able to analyze negotiations
  • Be able to interpret Past/future negotiating encounters.
  • Gain understanding of negotiation styles
  • Improve presentation skills and abilities

Who is the Trainer?

The course is instructed by an experienced business leader who is a negotiations specialist who is an expert in strategy, planning, conflict, negotiations and communications. Instructors always take the time to work closely with clients to ensure the program is designed and delivered to meet your needs and exceed your expectations as an organization.

Who Should Attend?

Organizational Leaders, Business Owners and Senior Managers, Front Line Supervisors, Lead-hands, Managers, Department Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives.

Designed for Adult Learners

This course is designed so adult leaders learn together using proven adult teaching methods. Participants retain key knowledge through actual work related issues, case studies, multi-media presentations, discussion, practice, and application.

Customized Content

Course content is carefully chosen with participant input prior to the program design so it meets the participant’s needs.  Content is delivered in “bite-sized” pieces to get right to the point so leaders can absorb and discuss the material and use it in their work right away.

Practical Skills

The course provides relevant and useful skills, tactics and techniques that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

The Value and Power of Team Learning

Eclipse training uses a Team Learning Model that builds a leadership teams capacity to learn together, develop intelligence together that is greater than the sum of it individual member’s talents.

“Learning as a team is vital to sustain really deep change, because without it, organizations are just overwhelmed by the forces of the status quo.”  ― Peter Senge

Team learning has exceptional value for organizations. When leaders come together to learn as a team. they hold each other accountable and multiply their effectiveness.