Marketing Foundations


90% of Sales Success Is Marketing

Marketing training is changing in today’s new world of increasing social media influence and online sales. Not only has the number of elements in a marketing strategy plan increased enormously, but marketing and branding are no longer simply about implementing fixed, and often standard, marketing plans.

Instead, effective marketing requires an understanding of the social context, the local context, and the changing habits of today’s consumers – and figuring out not just the best channels to reach people, but also the right way of communicating on different channels.


  • The new marketing mix
  • 90% of sales is marketing
  • Social media and sales
  • Understanding your position: The new marketing plan
  • Your amazing new position in the market place
  • Your amazing new marketing plan
  • Your unique market niche
  • Marketing to the world
  • Your customer and why they buy
  • Your amazing international marketing plan
  • Market segment growth by design
  • How to effectively use social media