Manager Advantage


This is a customized Eclipse manager development course that helps managers learn key Management skills.  The course delivers critical Manager related content with a practical approach that helps the organization’s Managers grow as individuals as they learn together.  

They genuinely love people and want them to achieve their career goals

Every interaction I have had with Bob and his team has been great. Immediately you can tell that they genuinely love people and wish them to achieve their career goals. The skills and knowledge you can learn from him will not only be of great use while performing your job hunt but also in your career and life in general. I would highly recommend any job seeker to meet with Bob because while he can provide you with extremely effective tools to land a good job he also has the natural ability to tap into the potential of each person he interacts with.

Rajeev Lehdar, HSBC

Designed for Adult Learners

This eclipse manager advantage course is designed so adult leaders learn together using proven adult teaching methods. Participants retain key knowledge through actual work-related issues, case studies, multi-media presentations, discussion, practice, and application.

Customized Content

Management information is carefully chosen with participant input prior to the program design so the content that is selected meets the participant needs.  Content is delivered in “bite-sized” pieces to get right to the point so leaders can absorb and discuss the material and use it in their work right away.

Key Topics

Values and Ethics, Legal Responsibility, Safety, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Motivation, Professionalism and Accountability, Relationship Building, Team Building

Accountability and Responsibility

Follow up tactics and techniques are taught that hold leaders accountable for practicing and applying their new skills in the workplace.

Practical Skills

The course provides relevant and useful skills, tactics and techniques that can be immediately applied in the workplace.