You’re Busy, Let Eclipse Recruitment Help

Outsourcing recruitment with Eclipse HR provides you access to the right talent so you can fill that key position with the right person quickly.

Let Eclipse help you with part or all of your recruitment cycle. Eclipse HR works with you to implement a fresh recruiting process, strengthen employment branding and use our innovative processes to cut costs, hire the best talent, and retain current employees so you don’t have to hire again.

Whether it be entry-level recruiting or finding that one perfect fit – Eclipse is ready to save you time and money with our proven recruiting and selection expertise.

The Benefits of Eclipse Recruitment

We are Fast

Our innovative process does not waste time trying to find quality talent, we already have it. Eclipse recruitment systems brings you screened talent quickly so you can make sound personnel decisions and fill that job now with quality talent.

Better Talent Selection

We invest our time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop for you.

Reduces Your Hidden Recruitment Costs

You know how much time recruitment burns up. Every day that a position remains unfilled costs your organization both directly and indirectly. Filling vacancies with strong talent quickly is better for productivity and reduces the amount of HR resources spent on sourcing candidates.

Reduces the Need for Direct Advertising

Recruiting is expensive. Eclipse covers all these costs.

Retain talented employees

Eclipse Recruitment helps you retain talented employees. With an Eclipse recruitment process outsourcing solution, we help your organization create a best-practices plan to not only hire the best but keep your talent happy and long term.