Youth Supervisor Certificate Program


The Youth Supervisor Certificate Program is designed for adults who work directly with youth and supervise people who work in the youth services industry. This Youth Supervisor Certificate program is structured to educate people in leadership positions on how to become more impactful leaders in their organizations by improving their soft skills and increasing their abilities to inspire, motivate and coach.


Course Outline

The Youth Supervisor Leadership Certification Program empowers people in authority to become more effective teachers, coaches and team builders. The lessons deliver balanced and blended learning about leadership but with the important foundational information developing those skills. First the program teaches essential leadership skills required to inspire and motivate leaders who in a progressive manner, adds the lessons of self-assessment, conflict management, group and team development and situational problem solving.

The program delivers essential “soft skills” or people skills that are important for people in leadership positions. It delivers cutting edge information about leadership, communication, conflict management team and group building and situational leadership that helps leaders build a coach first and best practices leadership mindset.

Program Structure

Module 1: Leadership Essentials: For Youth Supervisors

Module 2: Communication Skills: For Youth Supervisors

Module 3: Conflict Management: For Youth Supervisors

Module 4: Coaching: Group and Team Leadership Essentials

Module 5: Situational Leadership

Total: 40 Hours


$590 per person per day