Leadership Certification Program


The Leadership Certification Program (LCP) is designed for leaders in organizations (Leadhands, Supervisors and Managers) who are responsible for leading people in their departments or on their shifts. LCP is designed for the Leadhand, Supervisors and Managers level – and is structured to educate and inspire leaders to learn, grow and develop.



Lesson 1: Leadership Essentials

Lesson 2: Fundamental Communication Skills

Lesson 3: Conflict Resolution

Lesson 4: Coaching High Performance Teams

Lesson 5: Situational Leadership- Handling Day-to-Day Leadership Challenges

Course Outline

The Leadership Certification Program empowers people in authority to become “coaches and team builders” and the lessons deliver balanced and blended learning.  First the program teaches the essential basics of leadership then in a progressive manner, adds the lessons of self-assessment and team analysis, situational problem solving, conflict management skills while building important perspectives on how to develop motivation in their people and teams.

The Leadership Certification Program delivers cutting edge information in leadership, communication, situational leadership and conflict management lessons that helps leaders build a coach first and leadership mindset.  

The program builds people skills in leaders that helps their organizations sustain a competitive advantage while helping them to personally and realize their true leadership potential.