Advanced Leadership Certification Program


The Advanced Leadership Certification Program (ALCP) was created for leaders in organizations who have experienced leadership training and or have significant leadership experience in the past. ALCP is designed for the Supervisors and Managers level – and is structured to challenge more experienced Managers to learn, grow and develop at their level.



Lesson 1: Self Leadership Essentials

Lesson 2: Leading Organizational Change

Lesson 3: Leadership Projection Skills

Lesson 4: Innovation Essentials

Lesson 5: Time and Stress Management

Course Outline

The Advanced Leadership Certification Program (ALCP) empowers Managers delivers balanced and blended learning in self-assessment and analysis, situational analytical skills and organizational change management skills, presentation skill development and imparts important perspectives on how to develop innovation in both people and companies.

The Advanced Leadership Certification Program delivers cutting edge information in leadership, communication, change management and innovation lessons that helps established professionals to emerge with a leadership mindset.  The program builds strategic skills in leaders that helps their organizations sustain a competitive advantage while helping them to personally and realize their true leadership potential.